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REPAIR YOUR WEBER by Overflow in Joliet, 3 days ago
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WEBER GAS GRILL - PARTS in Bolingbrook
WEBER GAS GRILL - PARTS in Bolingbrook
WEBER GAS GRILL - PARTS in Bolingbrook
WEBER GAS GRILL - PARTS in Bolingbrook
WEBER GAS GRILL - PARTS in Bolingbrook
WEBER GAS GRILL - PARTS in Bolingbrook

Weber Gas Grill Parts: A used Weber Grill is really worth rebuilding...I've had them last 20 years with replacement parts *see pics for details and measurements – descriptions as accurate as possible - Any Questions??? I will answer the best I can...THANKS FOR LOOKING !

GREAT DEAL –*Will sell All parts listed below as Package – $95 --- OR *priced individually* –see description below… (some ‘New’ – some ‘Used’)

- the "Smoker Box is fantastic and the Stainless Steel Heat/Flavorizer Bars can be cut with a good hacksaw fit your Weber rebuild

**PLEASE NOTE: Weber makes many similar models. ----Please check your gas grill requirements before buying --- Double-check the length of your existing burners/bars/grill dimensions before buying to save yourself money, time and frustration—*Not Returnable*--
Gas Grill BURNER TUBE KIT- Stainless Steel --29-3/16" Weber Burner Kit w/ Crossover Tube --(USED)--
Gas Burner Tubes – Good condition - Burner Holes all solid – (All 3 burner tubes& crossover tube - $20)—New cost @$60 --

*Burners ‘possibly’ fit earlier Weber GENESIS Platinum Series (late 1997 –early 2000’s ?)
Weber burner tube kit includes: (2) 29" Long front and rear stainless steel burners, (1) 28" Long center stainless steel burner, and (1) 13-1/2" Long crossover tube to connect all three main burners together.

--(NEW) Stainless Steel “FLAVORIZER HEAT ANGLE Bars” to cover burner tubes
5 for--$30
– 24 ½” Long x 2 ½”H x 2 ¼”W
*possibly fits Weber Genesis 300 Series - SIDE BURNER Controls (not front)

(USED)--Stainless Steel Heat Angle Set 5 (five)- 23-3/8”L & *7 (seven)- 15-7/8”L ] - $40 –
**possibly fits the Genesis Gold, Genesis 1000 - 5500, Platinum I & II.

*NOTE: a New Full Set of stainless steel heat angles: *8 short (15 7/8 inches) and 5 long (23 3/8 inches) cost NEW @$80) -*NOTE: only *7 (seven) 15-7/8” long available this sale*
5 ‘Used’ – 23-3/8” Long x 1 ¾”H x 2 ¼”W (see ‘Special Note’)
7 ‘Used’ – 15-7/8” Long x 1 ¾”H x 2 1/8”W

***Special NOTE: 23-3/8" (5pc) S/S Heat Flavorizer Bars **The set of 5 at 23-3/8” L “possibly” fit the Weber Genesis Grills: Gold B/C Series & Platinum B/C Series -5 ‘Used’ only - $25)-- (new cost @$70)

(NEW) 36” Chrome Plated Warming Rack ($10) –

Sits across the back of the cooking surface in notches located in the grill body
Fits various gas grills including Weber & Kenmore & others…

(NEW) Stainless Steel “Wood Smoker” Box – ($20)

*NOTE: needs ‘V’ shaped base inside wood chip holder16 ½” W x 2-5/8”deep x 3” H (Hinged lid: 17 ¾”L x 3 ½” deep --18” Wide at base flange)

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